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PlayPac1 – steering wheel, telescope, binoculars, A great way to brighten up your playground! Free-turning steering wheel made of solid High Impact Plastic.  Non-magnifying telescope is fun to look through.  Jumbo binoculars don’t have magnification but look great and enhance play. PlayPac2 – steering wheel, telescope, phones, While these phones are not battery operated, the buttons make a ringing sound when pressed – includes wall bracket.  Non-magnifying telescope is fun to look through.  Free-turning steering wheel made of solid High Impact Plastic. Playpac3 – steering wheel, telescope, swing, Non-magnifying telescope is fun to look through.  Free-turning steering wheel made of solid High Impact Plastic.  Free-turning steering wheel made of solid High Impact Plastic.  Non-magnifying telescope is fun to look through. Playpac4 – steering wheel, telescope, periscope, Made of High Impact Plastic, this magnifying Periscope actually works and helps kids play like they are on a submarine.  Free-turning steering wheel made of solid High Impact Plastic.  Non-magnifying telescope is fun to look through. Playpac5 – pirate ship wheel, binoculars, handles, and phones, Jumbo ship’s wheel made of High Impact Plastic, complete withal the hardware to attached to your playground, and have your kids ‘sailing’ in no time.  Cordless plastic phones actually ring when the buttons are pressed – includes wall bracket. Handles are solid and brightly coloured, and made from High Impact Plastic Playpac6 Pirate ship wheel, telescope, periscope, UV stabilised pirate ship’s wheel is made of High Impact UV stabilised plastic.  Telescope is non-magnifying and comes with a bracket and mounting hardware.  With two working reflective lenses, this UV stabilised plastic periscope will be an additional fun toy on your kid’s playground.
X556 Plastic Telescope, 31cm long and made of High Impact Plastic, this non-magnifying telescope comes with mounting hardware and mounting bracket. AX9 Plastic Cordless Phone, including cradle, With 2 cordless plastic phones that has buttons that ring when pushed, friends will be able to ‘ring’ each other from different parts of the playground. 30cm. X552 – Plastic Binoculars, These High Impact Plastic binoculars are easily set up around your playground and help you children engage in play.  Clear and non-magnifying lenses. X657 – Plastic Rain wheel, Once the Rain Wheel is turning it creates the sound of falling rain. 21cm in diameter. Comes with mounting hardware. X558 – Plastic periscope, At 40cm long, this removable, plastic periscope really works.  Complete with twin reflective lenses that allow your youngster to see the world while staying out of sight.  Complete with mounting hardware. X600M – Pirate Ship’s Wheel, At 30cm in diameter, this mini ship’s wheel is great for any junior pirate captain out on the Seven Seas. Made of solid High Impact Plastic this wheel comes with mounting hardware. X570 – Plastic Steering Wheel, Made of solid High Impact Plastic, this racing wheel is perfect for dragging their playground down at the track.  The colour coded centre cap hides the mounting hardware away from curious fingers.
X600 – Ship’s Wheel Super Large, At 48cm in diameter, this is the jumbo Ship’s Wheel.  Made of U.V. stabilised plastic, this wheel clicks as it is turned.  Comes with mounting hardware. X553 – Telescope with Working Compass, Including the mounting hardware, this working Telescope includes a real compass – an essential instrument for all would-be Captains to find their way home for afternoon tea. Made of High Impact Plastic. BB1 – Big Boat Set, This compressive kit includes a plastic boat (length 44cm x width 27cm x height 21cm), rake, spade waterwheel, and much more.  Perfect for the beach or the backyard sandpit. X557 – Trapeze Triangle Hand Grips, Sold in pairs, these solid plastic trapeze style hand grips are perfect to attach to rope or tape to complete your child’s obstacle course or Ninja playground.  With a max weight limit of 45kg, the eyehole is 21mm in diameter. X560T – Aluminium Triangle Grips, Sold individually, these solid, polished aluminium triangle trapeze rings are a great addition to your playground or obstacle course. 160mm diameter, with a 13mm eyehole. X560R – Aluminium Round Grips, Made of polished aluminium, these solid round trapeze rings are 150mm in diameter.  Sold individually they can be added as a challenging add on for your older kids, or in Roman Ring designs. X592 – Plastic Coated Aluminium Round Grips, Sold individually, these heavy-duty rings are PVC dipped all the way to the connection point.  148mm in diameter, with a hole diameter of 12mm
X559 – Daisy Periscope, Ideal for children 5-12 years old, this Daisy Periscope will be a bright and functional addition to your playground.  At 355mm long, and moulded from polypropylene, this red/green only combination has a working lens and comes with mounting hardware. X630 – Plastic Super Periscope, Sold individually, this two-in-one megaphone and periscope is equipped with shatter resistant, thermo-resin mirrors, and really works. Includes mounting hardware and swivel attachment. DTK – Dump Truck Kit, Here’s the must-have for the backyard sandpit, or beach outing: dump truck, drivers, watering can and bucket, sieve and mini spade.  200x400x280mm high. X650 – Plastic Monkey Rings, Sold individually and made from high-density, tough polyethylene. Simply add a snaphook or rope and attach the plastic Monkey Rings to your playground for a fun alternative to the standard rings. 50kg weight limit. XAB2 – Abacus Ball, Perfect for making your own playground abacus or add a rope and make a swinging ninja ball. This super durable abacus ball is made of High Impact Plastic and has a diameter of 80mm. Threading hole is 10mm. SPA1 – Abacus Bar with 5 Balls, With 5 coloured Abacus Balls and one piece of rod, your playground now has an educational, fun piece of equipment. Made of High Impact Plastic. Posts should be 625mm apart. SP31 – Abacus Frame and Balls, With 3 rows of red, green, blue and yellow High Impact Plastic Abacus balls, this heavy-duty powder coated frame is a real winner. 622 wide x 784 high x 40mm deep.
AX5 – Voice Tube, This Voice Tube is an ‘old school’ method of communication between co-conspirators! Surprisingly clear transmission of sounds. Can be installed between upper and lower decks or taken with you. AX80 – Plastic Cosmic Communicator, All you need is a friend and a secret to share with this Cosmic Communicator. Made of High Impact Plastic, and complete with illustrated plans, mounting hardware, and 7.5m of tubing, communications will be running high. X655 – Babaloo Drum, Complete with mounting hardware and extension timber to attach to a fort, your children will be able to practice their rhythm and sound creation. Babaloo Drum takes music outside. 490mm long x 220mm at widest. SP18 – Basketball Hoop, Basketball comes to your backyard with our heavy-duty, powder coated steel basketball ring and nylon net.  4 mounting holes will require your own bolts for installing to your own timber backboard, or brick wall. Inside diameter of the ring is 440mm PP39 – Basketball Hoop, Backboard and Net, Complete with a small timber backboard for those with a budget in mind, powder coated steel hoop, and nylon net. The basketball scouts will be on their way in no time! Backboard: 770mm wide x 400mm high IWS1-IWS4 – Natural Wood Stain, Water-based Intergrain Natural Stain will not only help preserve the timbers of your playground but will allow you to transform the colour to a deep brown.  Second coat is applied 20 minutes after the first. AX6 – Plastic Bucket on Rope with Pulley, With a 3m long rope your budding builders will be able to move sand, lego, water or their favourite toys from ground level to one of their decks. Plastic bucket is 140mm high x 160mm diameter. Two screws will be needed for installing the pulley.
AX14 – C Grab Plastic Handles, Sold in a pair, these High Impact Plastic grab handles include mounting hardware. A great safety addition to any fort or playground. Mounting hole 8mm dia. Handles are 320mm on bottom edge x 20mm wide x 70mm high X513 – Steel Grab Handles with flat plate, At 500mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm long, this powder coated steel handle with flat plates is suitable for forts, slide towers, or wherever an extra handle is needed. Clearance under handle is 85mm. X513B – Steel Grab Handles with curved plate, At 500mm long, this powder coated steel handle with curved plates is suitable for forts, slide towers, or wherever an extra handle is needed. Clearance under handle is 100mm. PFG-SXB – Pirate Flag Skull and Cross Bones, Made of 100D polyester, measuring at 910mm x 1520mm, and made with UV inhibitor ink, this classic Skull & Cross Bones Pirate Flag will give your child’s fort or room a swashbuckling feel. TPB1 – tamper proof button, Coming in red or yellow, these tamper proof buttons conceal the bot heads or nuts.  Outer Dimensions: 40mm diameter x 15mm high Inner Dimensions: 25mm diameter x 10mm high Thread Hole: 10mm MBB – Metal Blackboard, Complete with alphanumeric decals, this green metal chalkboard is made for outdoor use.  A hole in each corner allows for easy mounting. 410mm x 620mm.Chalk and mounting hardware not included.
SP651 – Megaphone, At 240mm long and in yellow/green only this mountable megaphone requires no batteries to use. Mounting hardware not included. SP655 – School Bell, Complete with horseshow shaped mounting bracket, this deluxe cast iron bell has a wonderful ring to it. Use it to call the kids in, or at the top of a rock wall to show tell everyone when you’ve made the top. CMS – Comfy Coaster Swing on Rope, This ergonomically designed seat and back is designed for kids aged 18 months to 3 year old, and has a weight limit of 11kgs. Complete with water and mould-repellent padding, it’s easily removed for washing. removable for easy wash. WR1 – Wind Rider, This single child glider swing has the pivoting action that makes it perfect for your youngsters to learn kinaesthetic awareness, coordination skills, and confidence. Weight limit 52kgs VR1 – Vortex Ring Swing, Like the tyre swing of old, but with foot platforms, this Vortex Ring Swing will fit the height of your child with an adjustable upper platform to sit on, and a lower platform to stand on. Weight limit is at a sturdy 158kgs. Will take 2-3 children. The SP646 Racing Stearing Wheel, your the best driver
TTTS – Tic Tac Toe set, Made of easy-clean High Impact Plastic, this Noughts and Crosses set comprises 9 bright yellow ‘o’ and ‘x’ spinners. Spinners are 200mm high and 170mm wide with a 13mm threading hole. Comes with mounting rods. IN-52/58 Tinplate Mailbox in red or white, Made of tinplate this mailbox is ideal for delivering notes or small gifts of all kinds. Move the flag to let the kids know that the mailman has delivered. Excludes hardware. Size: 90mm high x 12.5cm ling x 75mm. Comes in white or red. TSB1 – Toddler Swing Blue on Rope, Built with an easy-to-place-your-child 1 piece construction, this swing is made for the youngest in your family. Weight limit 25kgs, and suitable for 9months -2years. Safety belt included. LBB1 – Large Buoy Ball, Made of soft rubber, this inflatable buoy ball comes with a thick, sturdy, soft rope to hang on to, and attaches with a galvanised steel ring. For ages 5 years and up. Great for swinging, while providing core strengthening and increased proprioception. BG1 – Boxing Bag, This plastic coated textile punching bag is ideal for kids who are ready to practice their boxing technique. Fill the bag with bunched up newspaper, or some soft durable foam. Comes with an adjustable rope. 800mm long and 700mm around. Comes in red only. SP650 – Retractable Telescope, Available in green/yellow only, and with a soft rubber eye piece, this telescope retracts to 250mm, and extends to 430mm. Includes mounting hardware.
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